My home for the next 4 years

Union College

I will be attending Union College in Schenectady, NY this fall as a member of the class of 2011. I have too many interests to choose an intended major at this time, but I am especially interested in Biology, Eastern Relgions, and Spanish (weird combination...I know).

I also love to run! While at Union, I hope to run for the cross-country and indoor/outdoor track teams.

Department of Religion



Family Weekend Reception

(Past Event) 1/15-17/2013 ON CAMPUS: What do you value and believe?

A Writing Center Min-Course. Come write a “This I Believe” essay, in the manner of those read on National Public Radio and published on This course does not demand that you delve into your deepest convictions; “This I Believe” essays can be uplifting, moving, insightful, and/or amusing. Topics of “featured” essays in-clude not only the power of love, the value of mending (as opposed to fixing), and the lessons taught by failure, but also the authors’ be-liefs in barbecue, cows, and semi-permanent hair dye.

(past event) Fr. Ker at Smith. Prof. Zaleski Spring 2012 course.

An Invitation from Carol Zaleski, Smith CollegeEdit


Family Weekend Reception

Amherst College Virtual Tour: Part 4

The Off-Brand Conservative

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