Circus Act

Submitted by Marjan Hajibandeh

Marjan Hajibandeh ‘09E continues her conversations with newly tenured faculty. Next in line is Maria Heim.

Knowing of Maria Heim’s long list of achievements, I wasn’t at all surprised to learn about her experiences in a three-ring circus. While she spent time as an acrobat, a flame thrower and a lion tamer, she was most famous for her juggling skills. People would gather from all over the country to witness her throw large pieces of furniture in the air, all while balancing a Bengal tiger on her nose.

Religion 37 Syllabus

Submitted by Diane L. Dix
Religion 37 The Body in Ancient Judaism Spring 2008 Professor Susan Niditch    Chapin 114 Office Hours: Thursday 9-10 and by appointment    email: Required Books: Bible (HarperCollins Study Bible or any other) Bordo, Susan            Unbearable Weight Bynum, Caroline        Holy Feast and Holy Fast Doniger, Wendy and        Off With Her Head

Burke Long To Speak on Madame Mountford at Amherst College April 25

April 19, 2001 Director of Media Relations 413/542-8417 AMHERST, Mass.—Burke Long, professor emeritus of religion at Bowdoin College, will speak on “Madame Mountford, Diva of Fantasy Bibles and Other Victorian Entertainments” on Thursday, April 25, at 4 p.m. in the McCaffrey Room in the Keefe Campus Center at Amherst College. The lecture is sponsored by the Willis Wood Fund and the Religion Department and open to the public.