Additional Funding

In addition to the general fund to support research projects, three funds are more specifically described: David L. Kirp Fellowship Fund: The purpose of this fund is to support student research related to gay and lesbian studies. Student recipients of research funds will be known as Kirp Fellows.

The Moseley Prize

The Moseley Prizes, which were established by Thomas Moseley of Hyde Park in 1872, are awarded annually. Prizes will be awarded for substantial essays, term papers, or honors theses that take a scholarly approach to the study of religion. The approach may be historical, literary, philosophical or scientific, but the focus of the submission must be on a subject matter that falls within the purview of the field of Religious Studies (or a pattern of religious thought, sensibility, or conduct).

Thesis & Funding


The honors thesis in Religion is an intensive, self-directed research project that comprises two or three courses during a student’s Senior year and produces a substantial written work.  An honors thesis should build on the knowledge that students have acquired through their previous work in Religion, and should be a recognizable reflection of the specific concentration that a student has constructed within their Religion major.

About the Major

Majors in Religion will be expected to achieve a degree of mastery in three areas of the field as a whole. First, they will be expected to gain a close knowledge of a particular religious tradition, including both its ancient and modern forms, in its scriptural, ritual, reflective, and institutional dimensions. Ordinarily this will be achieved through a concentration of courses within the major. A student might also choose to develop a program of language in relation to this part of the program, though this would not ordinarily be required for or count toward the major.