Amherst Play Poses Tough Questions About Sexual Respect on College Campuses

March 12, 2015

Performance of Probably.jpg Five College students Aine Hegarty ’15 (UMass), Isaiah Holloway 17, Noelle Micarelli 14 (Hampshire), Lilly Mommens 18, Rob Thoma 17 and Denzel Wood 18 present a staged reading at Amherst’s Powerhouse.

Sexual assault. Denial. The truth. These and other topics are at the heart of Probably, an original play by Amherst graduate Owen Davis 14 that is as captivating as its subject matter is difficult. 

Focusing on a fictional character named Katie as she tries to cope with the memory of a traumatic evening, its a story fraught with complexities that are front and center in todays national debates. And it poses tough questions: How do we broach the subjects of sexual violence and sexual respect on college campuses? How do students talk about these matters with each other? Where does personal responsibility begin and end?