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The Teachers

John Cameron

Professor of English, Emeritus
Recent courses: “Proust,” “Coming to Terms: Cinema”


Amherst English: An Appreciation

By Rand Richards Cooper ’80

The number kept changing. Was it 374 years, as President Biddy Martin stated in her congratulatory remarks? Or 421 years, as listed on the invitation? Or some other figure?

Choose Your Own Exam

By Emily Gold Boutilier

Since 2012, the English department has been crowdsourcing the required reading/viewing list associated with its senior comprehensive exam, inviting the department’s faculty, staff, current majors and recent alumni to nominate and vote for texts online.

421 Years of Teaching English at Amherst

Submitted on Thursday, 11/8/2012, at 12:23 PM

By Katherine Duke ’05

One of Amherst College’s biggest departments is undergoing a big change. In the past four years, nine out of the 10 most senior faculty members in the Department of English have retired or entered phased retirement. On Oct. 25 in Pruyne Lecture Hall, the department held a panel discussion in honor of these professors’ combined “421 Years of Teaching English at Amherst.”


Dutton Poster

My Life: Allen Guttmann, Emily C. Jordan Folger Professor of English and American Studies

The Path-Breaker

The Start of Everything that Followed

17th-century English history, notes for Paradise Lost

Submitted by Ethan H. MacAdam (inactive) on Monday, 10/6/2008, at 10:43 AM