Minority report

Thanks for including “The Off-Brand Conservative” article (Fall 2009)—very sensitive and well-thought writing. I think publishing that article, with its “minority opinion,” shows courage and true diversity of thought at Amherst.

Olivia Durham P’13
Barre, Vt.

Thanks for publishing Susannah Black ’99’s “The Off-Brand Conservative.” She tells so much truth with such grace. I envy her roommates, cats and professors. But I fear the imago Dei in which we are formed has shattered forever.

Winter 2010


Zeke Emanuel and the health care debate

Isn’t that amazing! Here I’ve been reading about this guy Ezekiel Emanuel ’79 for weeks and wondering, “Where could he have possibly developed these patrician attitudes?” (Doctors’ offices are too “conveniently located” with too much “parking nearby” and waiting rooms that are too “attractive.”) And here I find it’s my old alma mater, Amherst College (cover story, Summer 2009).

War Correspondents



150 years of baseball

In his informative article on Amherst’s baseball tradition, Roger M.

Grunion Letters

The following are letters to and from members of the Abele family, regarding the more-than-60-year search for the USS Grunion.


The bells in the steeple

“The First War Memorial” (Winter 2009) is a beautiful article—clear and gracefully phrased, with marvelous photos. In fact, the whole magazine glows with the new format and design touches.


Time for a change

I have just finished reading Professor Kevin Sweeney’s well-written and entertaining article on Lord Jeffery Amherst (“The Very Model of a Modern Major General,” Fall 2008). Based on the information he presented, it seems to me that an assessment of Lord Jeff’s military career need not be “cautious” at all.


Keith Millner’s candor

“Life with Neavey” (Summer 2008) was a lovely story and one to which I can very much relate. I have two children with Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes autism, low muscle tone, language delays and seizures. My life isn’t as I imagined it would be, though in some ways it is more fulfilling and richer than I had ever dreamed. It’s certainly not easy to describe well in the quick blurbs of the Class Notes each quarter. This article so nicely expressed the love and the challenges of raising special needs children.


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