Internship Postcards: Adoma Manful '12

Adoma Manful

August 2011—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Adoma Manful '12


Adoma Manful ’12’s internship with the American Cancer Society-Illinois (ACS) in Chicago, Illinois, was not her first time immersed in the field of healthcare.

Internship Postcards: Alex Gomes Pereira '12

CNA Picnic

July 2011—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Alexandre (Alex) Gomes Pereira '12

Alex Gomes Pereira ’12, a history major from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, first took an interest in immigration while answering the phones at the Massachusetts State House in Boston last summer. He noticed that immigrants were calling frequently to get help “navigating the system” on a number of issues, most notably health care.

Internship Postcards: Emma Vaimberg '14

Vela Scholars

August 2011—story by Jenny Morgan

Emma Vaimberg ‘14 (pictured fourth from the left) was an after-school tutor for the Vela Scholars program during the spring semester this year, and she eagerly jumped at the opportunity to join the team of interns who brought the summer program to life.

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