Journalist Turned Physicist

Submitted by Marjan Hajibandeh

This summer, Campus Buzz writer Marjan Hajibandeh ‘09E will sit down with each of the seven Amherst professors who’ve just earned tenure. First up: Jonathan Friedman, associate professor of physics.

There’s no way around it; Jonathan Friedman looks exactly like what I imagined a physicist to look like. He has tousled curly hair and wire-rimmed glasses. When (in an early draft of this article) I described them to be circular, he corrected me and said that they were more stadium-shaped. If he were any more empirical, I would have guessed that he lived in the lab. And, boy, was he eager to chat about his research. But I wouldn’t let him—at least not right away.

CBC Radio One: How to think about science

Submitted by Caroline J. Hanna
Arthur Zajonc, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Physics and chair of the physics department at Amherst, was featured in an extensive interview on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "Ideas" program.

Talking Shop

Submitted by Katherine D. Duke

The student/faculty machine shop is nothing like the typical Amherst classroom, nor like the science labs all around it in Merrill. With its massive, dusty, cast-iron drill presses and grinders and its walls plastered with safety reminders, it looks, feels, smells and sounds like an arena of sweaty manual labor. For the three weeks of Interterm, though, it has become a classroom.


Submitted by Janet K. Price

Amherst Physicist Jonathan Friedman Receives Cottrell College Science Award

January 15, 2002Director of Media Relations413/542-8417AMHERST, Mass.- Research Corporation has presented Amherst College with a Cottrell College Science Award worth $36, 604 in support of assistant physics professor Jonathan R. Friedman's "Investigation of resonant magnetization tunneling in molecular magnets via transverse-field AC susceptibility" project. Friedman received one of only 20 awards; Amherst College has received two Cottrell Science Awards in the past two years.

Fall 2007/Spring 2008 Course Catalog

The information below is taken from the printed catalog the college produces each year. For more up to date information, including links to course websites, faculty homepages, reserve readings, and more, use the 'courses' or semester specific link to your left. 9. Energy. We will develop the concept of energy from a Physics perspective. We will introduce the various forms that energy can take and discuss the mechanisms by which it can be generated, transmitted, and transformed.

Amherst Professor Hilborn to Head National Task Force on Undergraduate Physics

July 31, 2001Director of Media Relations 413/542-8417

Journalist James Fahn To Speak about "A Land on Fire" at Amherst College Oct. 16

October 7, 2003Director of Media Relations413/542-8417

David Hall To Give Lazerowitz Lecture at Amherst College April 13

Amherst College Senior Jessica Cabot Awarded Fulbright Fellowship

May 8, 2003Director of Media Relations413/542-8417