Grief and Loss

Sustaining a loss has a significant emotional impact.  In addition to grieving who or what has been lost, students may experience disruption of their beliefs, values, and identity.  The effects of loss often go on long after mourning rituals are over, leaving students in need of support when they are expected to “get back to normal.”  Grief is not a disease or disorder; it is a normal emotional response that must run its course.  Sometimes students can get stuck in grief or can feel isolated in their experience.

Lost/Stolen IT Equipment Guidelines


The College and all of its employees are legally obligated to protect sensitive College data. If this data or the network and computer resources that contain it become compromised or threatened due to the loss or theft of information technology equipment, for example a device such as a laptop or smart phone, the College and its employees must immediately take steps to prevent or minimize the harm or damage that could result.

In the event of a loss, these procedures anticipate the rapid execution of each step in order to minimize the impact of the loss.