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La Causa

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La Causa is the established cultural, political, and service organization for students interested in Latino issues and culture awareness. We meet every Wednesday at 9pm in the José Martí Cultural Center located in the lower level of the Campus Center. The José Martí room contains a recently updated library of Latino works of literature, history, and music.We are open to all students who are interested in learning and being immersed in latino culture.

La CasaTheme House Project, Fall 2007

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Holidays in Hispaniola Benefit Event
 $2000 fell on our laps and what was supposed to be a modest dessert-social
fund raiser was transformed into a night of Caribbean revelry. Dinner and
dessert buffet, live Latin jazz and dance troops included. But the best thing
was the auction....

Annual “Voices for the Voiceless” Poetry Reading at Amherst College Nov. 15

November 11, 2002 Director of Media Relations

Amherst College La Causa and Chicano/a Caucus Support Immigration Rally May 1

IMDiversity.com: Rick Lopez '93 and Ilan Stavans on Latinos in College

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