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Looking for Miracles: A Conversation Between Richard Wilbur '42 and Ilan Stavans


Richard Wilbur ’42 is a former U.S. poet laureate, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and the author of Things of This World and Advice to a Prophet. In the fall of 2008, he returned to his alma mater to teach.


By Dan Chiasson '93

Flowers have faces. They are happy or sad.
Their faces change, like ours;
unlike us, it doesn’t mean
Uh-Oh a new mood out of nowhere dawned.

Technically it is immoral to kill a flower
but people do it all the time,
to smooth something over or please a lover.
Nature just rolls right on, headless.

Printed with the poet’s permission

Poet, Critic and Editor Dan Chiasson '93

The Poet Returns

imageRichard Wilbur '42 (left), a former U.S. poet laureate, has returned to Amherst to teach a poetry workshop with Professor David Sofield.By Emily Gold Boutilier

Blue Flame

February 2003

When the sun is rising and my seven year old
catches it through the trees, and we sit
at the table, his slow oatmeal, my slow jam
and coffee, a dull magenta aching
in the horizon’s nook, and a sharp
steel-eyed blue above it,
and blue the hottest part of the flame,
I know we live under the light touch