Jazz at Amherst College has a storied past. Through the work of student/musicians such as Chuck Stevenson ('50, trumpet, father of Matt Stevenson, trumpet, ('05) in the early 50's as well as Robin McBride ('59) and David Lahm ('63) in the late 1950s, underground jazz ensembles were formed with various students taking on leadership positions. The 16--managed by Robin McBride--was such a group, as was the Amherst Jazz Orchestra, lead by Jim Myers.

In this point in my life, I am...

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  • A graduate student in the Language, Literacy & Culture Doctoral program in the Umass School of education, in Amherst
  • A Spanish instructor in Smith College
  • and a full time father and husband

Where I come from

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Let me tell you a bit about my socialization experience in this world.