Moodle Help for Faculty

Moodle is a web-based course management system which allows faculty to easily set up interactive online spaces for their courses without having to know how to create web pages. Faculty can upload syllabi, host discussions, accept assignments electronically, send email to their students, give quizzes, and much more. Moodle is also used by many departments, organizations and committees on campus.

Known Issues

  1. With the Media Playlist resource, you can't use filenames that contain non-Western characters.
  2. We've gotten reports of users getting the following error message.

    Fatal error: $CFG->dataroot is not writable, admin has to fix directory permissions! Exiting.‚Äč

    This is a known problem with Moodle 2.5 and is apparently related to a race condition in php's handling of the cache. Reloading the page usually causes solves the problem. Waiting a bit before reloading may also help.