Local Lodging

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Bed & Breakfasts

Adjacent to Campus

Allen House and Amherst Inn, Amherst, (413) 253-5000
Emily's Amherst B&B, Amherst, (413) 549-0733
Wilbur Homestead, Amherst (413) 253-2281

Airbnb.com offers rooms in local homes

The Northampton Unitarian Society offers rooms in private homes for college events. Call Gill Billings at (413) 527-7353 for more information.

Commencement Housing for Families

When will the families receive information about housing on campus during the Commencement Weekend? The information will be mailed in late October. We can take electronic reservations on or after Nov. 16th along with the credit card payment for the rooms.

Can I make reservations on-line and use my credit card? Yes, after Nov. 16.

Staying the Night

By Emily Gold Boutilier

In 1926, Bing Crosby cut his first record, Americans began to get their kicks on U.S. Route 66, and the future Queen Elizabeth II was born. At Amherst, the year marked, among other things, the opening of the Lord Jeffery Inn.

Intended to look like a historic Neo-Georgian Colonial, the Jeff quickly became a popular sleeping and dining place on the Amherst town common. But today, the building not only feels historic; it also feels out-of-date.