May 17, 2010

Ahoy, Voyagers:

Our good ship 60/'50 is straining at the lines, just 'raring to go. Our "travel agents" (aka Attendance Committee) are advertising a "last call" opportunity. When the "all ashore that are going ashore" and "raise the gangplank/cast off the lines" commands are given, will YOU be sunning yourself on deck or looking out the porthole of that luxury cabin?

Good Ship 60/'50 World Tour

Passenger Manifest as of 5/12/10

G. Ernest, Patricia & Russell Anderson and Migle Maciunskaite
Phillips Babcock
Frederick and Sheelagh Baily
Max and Corky Becker
George and Mary Lou Beitzel
Don and Janet Canfield
Roger Clapp and Georgia McCracken
D. Paul and Ursula Cooney
James Corrigan
Philip and Janette Cranshaw
Philip and Florence deGozzaldi
Richard and Judith Fernald
Theodore and Suzanne Foote
Thayer and Anita Greene
Paul and Beverley Griffiths