Attic Boxes

© Tess Taylor '00

Unsettled now, they scatter open—
inner chaos lifelike as odd birds.

They hold alibis & chatter, whir
of windows. Initials on a tarnished pitcher.  

Spidery pencil, Minneapolis, 1867. “Dear friend Lulu:
A cold wind whips this barren prairie.”

Bombay 1927: “I was presiding at the high school Jubilee:
the speaker referred to me as missionary Patriarch—”

1913: Helen’s verses to dawn on the Lusitania.
Helen crazed in Brussels and the Pater


Writing for 23 Million

By Alex Kantor

Rick Reilly made the inside back cover of Sports Illustrated into what is arguably the most popular sports column in the world. With more than 23 million readers each week, SI is the platform that sports journalists dream about, and now that Reilly has left the magazine, Phil Taylor ’82 is filling his shoes as part of a small, rotating group of senior columnists who write the admired essay “The Point After.”


Meet the Seniors

Sure, they’re thrilled to graduate. But where are they going? Where have they been? Amherst  interviewed more than two dozen members of the Class of ’08—men and women who’ve studied in Siberia, Greece, India; who’ve worked for record labels, hospitals, senators; who’ve joined the U.S. Navy and the Peace Corps. Here are 15 of their stories.