Past Directors

Lanfranco Marcelletti


The Brazilian conductor and pianist Lanfranco Marcelletti was brought to the United States by the late Maestro Eleazar de Carvalho to study on a full scholarship at the Yale University School of Music.


Mark Lane Swanson (Music Director & Conductor, 2001-present) 


Amherst College attracts many of the finest student instrumentalists who are interested in maintaining a balance between serious academics and high standards of musical performance. The instrumental program is designed to offer conservatory-like experiences--both in terms of ambitious repertoire and professional coaching and master classes--while recognizing that most of its students ultimately will be pursuing careers in law, medicine, business, and other professional fields of study.

Songs That Tickle Spines

By Katherine Duke ’05

Nina Shallman could become the next Norah Jones. For now, she’s an Amherst sophomore.

[Music] In her song “Daisies,” Nina Shallman ’18 coaxes an unnamed companion: Sing those notes that tickle my spine. But it’s her own voice that has been thrilling audiences.