2013-2014 Amherst College Combo Roster

Toxic Thunder

 Will Savino, Piano

 Tyler Baldwin, Flute

 Rob Croll, Guitar

 Jamie Sandel, Bass/Violin

 Zach Yanes, Alto Saxophone

 David Shattuck, Drums

Erroneous Funk

 Johnny Citarelli, Drums

 Joe Higgs, Guitar

 Ben Muller, Saxophones

 Daniel Law, Bass

Amherst College Jazz Combos

The combos are small groups of musicians who are dedicated to studying the great artists of jazz and carrying on their legacy through making innovative journeys into improvisation and small group playing. This prepares the group for life after college by exposing the combo to standard charts, techniques, and theory while encouraging each to create their own sound through tune selection, arrangement and/or use of original compositions.

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