Los Angeles Times: Venezuela awaits results of National Assembly elections

“The government is facing the highest degree of unpopularity since 2003,” said political science professor Javier Corrales about this fall’s Venezuelan elections in a lengthy piece. “But at the same time, it has acquired more mechanisms to protect its stranglehold on power. The government always finds a way to contain it, and this election is no exception.”

CNN.com: Mexico City woos same-sex honeymooners

Political science professor Javier Corrales was an expert source for this piece on gay tourism in Latin America. “[The area] currently has some of the most gay-friendly cities in the developing world,” he said in an interview.

Huffington Post: Chaos in Caracas

“This could very well be a turning point in the direction of authoritarianism,” political science professor Javier Corrales was quoted as saying in this column about recent attempts by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez to squelch opposition in the country. “At this point, Venezuela could become much more militarized and its political system more autocratic.”

Javier Corrales on Gay Marriage in Argentina

After being quoted on the legalization of gay marriage in Argentina in an article in The New York Times, political science professor Javier Corrales participated in a lengthy discussion about the issue on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Here on Earth program.

Americas Quarterly: Latin American Gays: The Post-Left Leftists

Political science professor Javier Corrales penned this  piece about the strategies of LGBT advocacy groups in Latin America.

Wall Street Journal: As Chileans Prepare to Vote, Conservative Candidate Struggles in Shadow of Pinochet

Political science professor Javier Corrales discussed the 2010 Chilean election in this article.

Javier Corrales on Developments in Latin America

Political science professor Javier Corrales was consulted for two recent Time magazine stories exploring Argentina’s midterm elections and the coup in Honduras. He also co-wrote—with former student and Rhodes Scholar Daniel Altschuler ’04—an op-ed discussing the ramifications of the latter that appeared in The Huffington Post.

Javier Corrales on Venezuela/Latin America Developments

Political science professor Javier Corrales served as an expert source for stories in Bloomberg News, The Los Angeles Times and Foreign Policy about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, politics in Venezuela and gays in Latin America.

My Life: Javier Corrales, Associate Professor of Political Science

Amherst College Political Science Professor Javier Corrales Advises Congress on Venezuela Policy

October 24, 2008               

AMHERST, Mass.—It is critical that the United States develop a counter-strategy to the “social power” diplomacy deployed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his government, but a hard-line response—such as military or economic aggression—is most certainly not the answer to Chavez’s rhetoric, Amherst College’s Javier Corrales, professor of political science, told a House Committee on Foreign Affairs subcommittee recently.