A deeper sense of community: The Pioneer Valley Citizen Summer program

Pioneer Valley Citizen Summer Interns
September 2013—story by Jenny Morgan. This year's Pioneer Valley Citizen Summer interns.

Spend any amount of time on the Amherst College campus and you’ll likely hear mention of something called ‘the Amherst bubble.’ It’s a ubiquitous term used by students to describe, and often lament, the sense that reality seems to exist only within the confines of the campus perimeters.

Not so for students who’ve participated in the Pioneer Valley Citizen Summer (PVCS) program.

The alchemy of a successful internship

July 2013—Julia
Alexander, the CCE's public service internship coordinator, is bringing reflection and social justice to the heart of the CCE's internship programs. Story by Jenny Morgan, photo by Eugene Lee '16.

As 127 students are immersed in internships across 15 states and 13 countries, public service internship coordinator Julia Alexander is eagerly waiting to learn how these internships might shape their future work or lead to unexpected discoveries. This summer—her first in the position—Alexander is coordinating two internship programs: the Civic Engagement Scholars and Pioneer Valley Citizen Summer.

Alexander knows firsthand that internships can lead to unexpected discoveries.

As summer is underway, interns anticipate learning, growth

July 2013—With nearly 130 students interning across the Center for Community Engagement's three internship programs—Civic Engagement Scholars, Pioneer Valley Citizen Summer, and the Vela Summer Scholars—the summer season appears poised to be a time of intellectual, professional, and personal growth for students around the country and internationally. CCE staff writer Jenny Morgan spoke with four interns during their first days on the job to learn more about what they're doing and what they hope to take away from this summer.