Trustee Faculty Fellowships

I. Introduction Each year Amherst College awards up to two Trustee Faculty Fellowships to untenured members of the Faculty. The Fellowship consists of full salary for one academic year of leave. II. Eligibility The competition is open to all untenured members of the Faculty who are in tenure-track positions and who are eligible for leave in the year for which the Fellowship is sought.

Renewal proposals for the President's Initiative Fund for Interdisciplinary Curricular Projects (PIF)

President Anthony W. Marx established the Presidents Initiative Fund for Interdisciplinary Curricular Projects (PIF) in 2004 to provide support for projects that focus on themes or problems that can best be understood and addressed through interdisciplinary efforts and to inform the College’s deliberations about new curricular programs and scholarship.

President's Initiative Fund - Projects Approved, Spring 2006

Education and Social Justice Elizabeth Aries (Psychology) Kristin Bumiller (Political Science/Women's and Gender Studies) Rhonda Cobham-Sander (Black Studies/English) David Cox (Mathematics) Hilary Moss (Black Studies/History) Barry O'Connell (English) Patricia O'Hara (Chemistry) Rose Olver (Psychology) Karen Sanchez-Eppler (American Studies/English)

Mellon Faculty Workshops

The Mellon Foundation grant provides funds to support workshops designed and organized by faculty members of the Mellon 8 on scholarly and pedagogical topics. Tenured and tenure-track faculty members may propose workshops to be held during the spring 2007, summer 2007, and the 2007-2008 academic year. The workshops may be relatively small. For example, six Latin Americanists from Amherst, Pomona, Wesleyan, and Williams might gather for three days to discuss the latest trends in that field and how those trends have had an impact on teaching about Latin America.

Mellon 8 Faculty Partnerships and Seminars

Amherst faculty members may apply for stipends to support scholarly or artistic collaborations or mentoring relationships with colleagues from beyond the Five Colleges. Faculty Partnerships will support pairs of faculty across institutions (including R1 institutions) who wish to pursue particular goals in research, artistic creation, or teaching. Faculty partners might critique one another’s scholarly or artistic work, pursue a new area together, or share curricular ideas. Partnerships may also center on professional mentoring and career guidance.