Lincoln House Reservation

Lincoln House can be used to accommodate visiting guests to Amherst College including scholars, artists and performers. Amherst College staff and faculty are not allowed to use Lincoln House for personal use.

Amherst College departments request guest accommodations by using the web form below. Requests require advance notice, at least one week prior to visits; if more advance information is available, please feel free to request earlier. We are unable to accommodate requests for lodging within 24 hours of lodging need. Departments will be billed prior to the reservation inception. If necessary to obtain a refund, please make any reservation changes more than one week prior to the guest's arrival.

Please refer to the FAQ page for questions, or, if after July 1, call the Rental Housing Office at 413/542-8506, or contact them via e-mail to

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By Katherine Duke ’05

Photos courtesy of Kiyoshi Mino ’01 and Emma Lincoln ’02

[Fiber Arts] Kiyoshi Mino ’01 is constantly surrounded by animals. When not tending to the live ducks, chickens, bees, pigs, sheep and steers on the 10-acre farm that he founded with his wife, Emma Lincoln ’02, he’s sculpting birds and mammals out of wool through a technique called needle felting.