Amherst Website CMS Trainings Offered for January

We have scheduled Amherst Website CMS trainings for Interterm. All trainings will take place in the Barker Room A Level Frost Library.

If we don’t get any signups or very few for these series of trainings we will also schedule another round of trainings for Spring. You can also call the Help Desk and request specific CMS training as needed if you have a new employee or changed job responsibilities.

The Creating and Maintaining Webforms training will include working with webforms for Course Evaluations for ADCs.

January Break: Time to Reflect

For many parents and family, the next four weeks will be the first time your child will be home for an extended time since late last August.  From my own parental experience, either one of two things happens in the first twelve hours.  Either your child will talk non-stop and all you need to do is to occasionally nod.  Or they will say nothing, text frantically to reconnect with home friends, and treat you as an innkeeper of a two or three star hotel/motel.

Interterm 2014 Non-Credit Course

As coordinator of the Amherst College Interterm program, I am charged with assembling the best Interterm program possible.  In order to put together a representative program I need your help; I ask that you consider facilitating a non-credit course/program during Interterm 2014.

Over the last few years, more and more students have returned to campus during Interterm, often seeking short-term outlets to occupy some of their time. If you are planning to facilitate a non-credit course, please forward me the following information:

Interterm: January 6-22, 2014

Interterm 2014: January 6-23, 2014

Interterm at Amherst College is a three-week period during the January break, from January 6-22, 2014, where students are given the opportunity to: