Remembering Michael Mazur

Remembering Michael Mazur A new exhibition at the Mead Art Museum honors the memory of one of the most distinguished artists to have graduated from Amherst, during what would have been his 60th reunion year.

From Coal to Soul

The Powerhouse at Amherst College The Powerhouse has just won three awards for excellence. Here’s an energetic look back at how this old coal-fired plant became a student event space.

Susannah Grant ’84: Comfort With Discomfort

Susannah Grant The most important job for a screenwriter, said Susannah Grant ’84, speaking on campus, is to reject certainty even as the world celebrates it.

Curated By Thieves

Kota Ezawa Exhibit Assistant Professor Niko Vicario interviews artist Kota Ezawa about how an FBI database sparked his interest in the still unsolved Gardner Museum art heist of 1990 and led him to recreate 13 lost artworks.