Dialing Procedures

Student and visitor owned telephones:

Amherst College does not provide telephone service inside dormitory rooms.

Procedures for calling on- or off-campus from any telephone not provided by Amherst College will vary with the type of service being provided. Examples:

Voice over IP

The College doesn't do anything to prevent VoIP calls on its wired and wireless networks, and occasional testing has shown this type of communication to have acceptable audio quality.

However, at this time, the College doesn't do anything to support VoIP calls on its wired and wireless networks.

While VoIP may be a fine secondary form of communication, it is not recommended as your primary telephone service at the present time. Here are some reasons:

Telephone Information from the Student Handbook

Cellular Telephones. A majority of Amherst students use cellular telephones, and it is presumed that most of these phones are brought to campus from home. If you do not presently own a cell phone, you may order cellular service from any company that has coverage in the Amherst, Massachusetts area. There are a few things that cellular-only students should know. Cellular service may be purchased from a variety of companies located around the country, some of which may have spotty coverage in the Amherst , Massachusetts area.