Coming in for a Landing

By Katherine Duke '05

If you happened to pass near the statue of Robert Frost on the First-Year Quad March 26, you may have noticed some unusual avian visitors to the Amherst campus: a flock of 30 white porcelain bird sculptures arranged on the ground. Artist Christy Hengst ’89—who made a guest appearance March 25 in the Theater and Dance course “Scripts and Scores” and delivered a public lecture in Paino Lecture Room—brought her traveling installation Birds in the Park to campus for a one-day showing; the flock appeared in the morning and “flew away” by early evening.


By Katherine Duke ’05

Photos courtesy of Kiyoshi Mino ’01 and Emma Lincoln ’02

[Fiber Arts] Kiyoshi Mino ’01 is constantly surrounded by animals. When not tending to the live ducks, chickens, bees, pigs, sheep and steers on the 10-acre farm that he founded with his wife, Emma Lincoln ’02, he’s sculpting birds and mammals out of wool through a technique called needle felting.

"The Descent to Hell is Easy"

By George Fleming ’67 and John Fitchen ’67

[Fun] The Amherst Student billed it as the “first winter weekend in recent years,” although none of us had heard of it personally or from friends in earlier classes. It was named the “Bacchanalia”—alcohol-charged and, by today’s standards, politically incorrect.


wood, paint, crayon 26x26x12 in. DAVID H YAGHJIAN cat#1199 2010

The Landing

Santa Cruz, Galapagos
Pelican Bay, Galapagos
Santa Cruz, Galapagos
Tune-up Cafe, Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM