Group Health and Dental Insurance

Regular faculty are eligible to select one of the health care programs offered by the College.
Faculty may select individual or family coverage. Faculty enrolling in a plan will also be included in the Dental Plan in a corresponding individual or family contract. Specific plan details, current rate information and enrollment forms are available in Human Resources Office.

Completion of Work; Policy on Extensions

In conformity with the practice established for the first semester of 1971-72, and as a general practice of this and subsequent semesters, the Faculty rules that all course work in a given semester must be submitted by the last day of classes at 5:00 p.m. Extensions beyond this time will be given only for extraordinary reasons, and only when the student has obtained the signatures of the instructor in the course and the Class Dean. Work not submitted by the date set in the extension will not be accepted for credit.

Duration of Appointments and Procedures for Reappointments to Tenure-Track Positions

1. Duration of Initial Appointment

Initial tenure-track appointments to the faculty will be made for a term of three years unless some other term is agreed upon by the dean of the faculty, the department, and the appointee at the time of hiring.

The chair of each department will make clear to its non-tenured faculty the considerations governing reappointment. Recommendations concerning reappointment will be reviewed by the Committee of Six.


Faculty participate in the governance of Amherst College through their actions in meetings of the faculty and through service on committees of the faculty, committees of the college, committees of the Amherst College Board of Trustees, ad hoc committees and Five-College committees. For purposes of committee membership, candidates will normally be selected from the ranks of full-time and part-time tenure-line faculty. Committee service is expected of all tenure-line faculty, except for those in their first year.

Visiting Appointments

The terms of a visiting appointment will be made explicit in writing at the time of appointment. In cases where a visiting appointment has been made and a regular position has been created in the same discipline or department, a new search will be conducted in all but exceptional circumstances.

Classroom Attendance

Each member of the faculty is free to state his or her policy with regard to absences. It is assumed that students will make the most of the educational opportunities available by regularly attending classes and laboratory periods. A faculty member may take such action as deemed appropriate in the event that a student disregards the announced regulations. Continued or unexplained absences should be reported to the Office of Student Affairs. If students are absent because of illness or family emergencies, they are asked to notify the office of Student Affairs.

Administration of the College

1. The President The President, who serves at the pleasure of the Trustees, has charge of the internal administration of the College, is presiding officer of the Faculty, has general responsibility for the property and grounds of the College, presides at all commencements, and confers all degrees voted by the Trustees and signs the diplomas. The President reports to the Trustees at least annually on the condition and needs of the College.