Group Health and Dental Insurance

Regular faculty are eligible to select one of the health care programs offered by the College.
Faculty may select individual or family coverage. Faculty enrolling in a plan will also be included in the Dental Plan in a corresponding individual or family contract. Specific plan details, current rate information and enrollment forms are available in Human Resources Office.


As a faculty member approaches retirement, he or she should consult with the Dean of the Faculty and the Human Resources Office.
Retired faculty have emeritus status. Emeriti may participate in formal College ceremonies such as Commencement and convocation. They retain library privileges and full access to campus facilities though they cannot normally be granted the use of laboratory or office space. The College will invite those who retire in the area to participate in a variety of College social events.

Tenure For Regular Full-time Members of the Faculty

An appointment without term is authorized by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the President.

Duration of Appointments and Procedures For Reappointments To Tenure-Track Positions

1. Duration of Initial Appointment

Initial tenure-track appointments to the Faculty will be made for a term of three years unless some other term is agreed upon by the Dean of the Faculty, the department, and the appointee at the time of hiring.

The Chair of each department will make clear to its non-tenured Faculty the considerations governing reappointment. Recommendations concerning reappointment will be reviewed by the Committee of Six.

The Housing Program

The College assists employees by renting houses and apartments to junior untenured faculty, visiting faculty, junior lecturers, and coaches who have not received senior contract status at subsidized rates. For eligible senior tenured faculty, senior lecturers, senior-contract coaches, and certain administrators, the College offers a plan for the purchase of College houses, along with a Matching Grant Plan. An Enhanced Second Mortgage Plan is also offered to eligible employees.  These plans are more fully described below.

Leave Policy, Fellowships, Research and Professional Support


Faculty participate in the governance of Amherst College through their actions in meetings of the Faculty and through service on committees of the Faculty, committees of the College, committees of the Board of Trustees, ad hoc committees and Five College committees. For purposes of committee membership, candidates will normally be selected from the ranks of the regular tenured and tenure-track faculty. Committee service is expected of all regular tenured and tenure-track Faculty, except for those in their first year.



Nondiscrimination Policy

The Scheduling of Courses

By Faculty vote on April 23, 1968 (amended on December 15, 1987 and again on May 3, 2011), courses may be scheduled according to the following pattern:


Amherst College was founded in 1821 as an outgrowth of Amherst Academy, which had been established in 1814. The founders of the College were residents of Amherst and nearby towns. More than 1,300 of them contributed money, materials and labor to the enterprise, and the College was named for the town (which itself was named in honor of Jeffery Amherst, Commander of British forces in the French and Indian War). The first president of the Board of Trustees was Noah Webster, the lexicographer.