The Board of Trustees

Salaries and Fringe Benefits

The Faculty

Final Examinations

1. At the end of the semester there will be scheduled a five day examination period(including Sunday). An instructor may choose to:

Duration of Appointments and Procedures For Reappointments To Tenure-Track Positions

1. Duration of Initial Appointment

Initial tenure-track appointments to the Faculty will be made for a term of three years unless some other term is agreed upon by the Dean of the Faculty, the department, and the appointee at the time of hiring.

The Chair of each department will make clear to its non-tenured Faculty the considerations governing reappointment. Recommendations concerning reappointment will be reviewed by the Committee of Six.

Tenure For Regular Full-time Members of the Faculty

An appointment without term is authorized by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the President.

Fringe Benefit Programs for Full-time Faculty

The Director of Human Resources and the Staff of the Human Resources Office are responsible for administering the fringe benefits program for all College employees. The actual provisions of each formal benefits plan, policy or contract will determine entitlement of benefits, benefit levels and other matters. Fringe benefit programs for which Faculty are eligible include:


A member of the Faculty appointed initially as an Assistant Professor and subsequently granted tenure will be promoted to the rank of Associate Professor, effective the start of the academic year following the tenure decision.

A member of the Faculty appointed initially as an Associate Professor without tenure and subsequently granted tenure will continue as an Associate Professor with tenure until promoted to the rank of Professor. (Voted by the faculty, May 2007)

Faculty Responsibilities, Academic Regulations, Meetings and Committees

A. Academic Regulations
1. Statement of Intellectual Responsibility (Voted by the Faculty 1966: amended April 1987)
2. Statement on Freedom of Expression and Dissent (Voted by the Faculty, 1968)
3. Statement on Respect for Persons (Voted by the Faculty, 1969)

Grants and Allowances

1. Requests for travel advances or reimbursements for purposes approved by the College through the Dean of the Faculty's Office should be made to the Comptroller's Office. Receipts for all expenses for which reimbursement is sought must be submitted to the office.