Senior Prizes and Awards 2016

Held the evening of the last day of classes, Senior Assembly is a traditional ceremony in which the Amherst College faculty honors the graduating students, celebrating their accomplishments and their bright future.

The following prizes were awarded by President Biddy Martin to members of the Class of 2016.

(An awards ceremony for undergraduate students, known as Class Meeting, was held on May 5 in the Cole Assembly Room.)

Senior Prizes and Awards 2015


The Doshisha American Studies Prize, a gift from Amherst House, Doshisha University, is awarded for the American studies honors thesis judged by the Department of American Studies as most likely to stimulate interest in and understanding of America overseas, with a view toward possible publication in Japan.

Divided between Stephanie Ellen Nussbaum ’15 and Francheska Marin Santos ’15.

Senior Awards

Scholarship and Citizenship

The Addison Brown Scholarship

From a fund established by Addison Brown of the Class of 1852, the scholarship is awarded to that senior who, being already on the scholarship list, shall have attained the highest standing in the studies of the first-year, sophomore and junior years.

Shanghui Li ’14

The Charles Hamilton Houston Fellowship