Department and Program Reviews

The Faculty endorsed in 1993 a regular schedule of departmental and program reviews. Each review includes an internal self-study and an evaluation by a visiting committee, the appropriate form of which will be determined jointly by the Dean of the Faculty and the department. The evaluation will be sent to the President, Dean of the Faculty, and to the department.


Faculty participate in the governance of Amherst College through their actions in meetings of the Faculty and through service on committees of the Faculty, committees of the College, committees of the Board of Trustees, ad hoc committees and Five College committees. For purposes of committee membership, candidates will normally be selected from the ranks of the regular tenured and tenure-track faculty. Committee service is expected of all regular tenured and tenure-track Faculty, except for those in their first year.

Outside Employment

Unless excused by the Trustees or by the President, all faculty members shall be required to be in attendance at the College during the academic year. No faculty member shall be employed in any occupation which interferes with the thorough and efficient performance of the responsibilities of his or her office, and no engagement shall be made by any faculty member for teaching in another institution during the academic year without the permission of the President.

Informing the Administration of Address Changes

Faculty are expected to inform the Dean of the Faculty's Office of their addresses (and, if possible, telephone numbers) when they are away from Amherst on leave, over the summer or during January Interterm for an extended period of time.