Our 40th Reunion is Only a Year Away

Congratulations - you're getting old!  At least based on the number of years it's been since we graduated.  Next year will be our 40th Reunion from Amherst.  Yes, it's true, it's been almost 40 years since we graduated from college.

It's not too soon to start planning for your return to the College in May 2013.  Paul Kowal and I are starting to organize our big event, and a call for volunteers will be going out soon. 

Let us know how to make our reunion a great occasion. 

 - What topics would you like discussed? 

 - Should we have a band on Saturday night? 

Well, the 35th reunion is history!

Submitted by Robert C. Hicks

Thanks to everyone who joined us in Amherst May 28th to June 1st!  For a list of who was there, click here.

If you attended, now's the time to share the pictures you brought home with the rest of us, so we can all experience some of the magic that is the Class of 1973.

Our class site gives all of us the opportunity to add news, pictures and thoughts, as well as comment on what others have posted here.  So please don't be shy--it's the new world of electronic communities, and you can belong!