Math Professor Studies Internal Clocks in “Hibernating” Grizzlies

Tanya Liese Associate Professor of Mathematics Tanya Leise co-authored a study on whether the circadian clocks of grizzlies “keep ticking” during their winter dormancy period.

Professor’s Career in Research and Outreach Earns $500,000 Grant

Ashley Carter In awarding the grant, the National Science Foundation noted that Ashley Carter’s work was notable both for its investigation of DNA folding and for her efforts to recruit women into STEM fields.

Josef Trapani Receives NSF Award

Biologist Josef Trapani received an NSF award of $77,025 for his project “GABA A Receptor Control of Hyperactivity in Developing Zebrafish.” It is a collaborative award with biology professor Gerald B. Downes at the University of Massachusetts.

Helen Leung and Mark Marshall Receive NSF Award

Helen Leung and Mark Marshall, both chemistry professors, together received an RUI NSF award of $268,029 for their project “Beyond Electrostatics: Investigating the Contributions of Dispersion and Electron Transfer in Intermolecular Interactions.”

NSF Grants Renewed for Larry Hunter and David Hall

Physics’ Larry Hunter and David Hall both had existing NSF grants renewed. Hunter was awarded $224,532 for a project titled “A Search for Long-Range Spin-Spin Interactions and Thallium-Fluoride Investigations,” while Hall received $475,000 for “Experiments with Topological Excitations in Bose-Einstein Condensates.”

Martín Medina Elizalde Receives NSF Award

Martín Medina Elizalde of geology received an NSF award of $162,805 for “A Speleothem Study of the Paleoclimatology of the Yucatán Peninsula: Testing Modes and Causes of Variability in the North American Tropics,” along with with co-researcher and geosciences professor Stephen Burns of the University of Massachusetts.