Professor Norton Starr took the following from our 25th Reunion Book.

The comments quoted are a non-random sample of non-random writings of a non-random subset of the Class of 1970, composed for their 25th reunion. Not all who wrote are wealthy, successful, in good health or necessarily happy. But on balance, the feeling seems to be one of appreciation for the institution and the friendships formed here, and a contentedness with having made a life for themselves. That was far from a likely outcome for those whose college years suffered from the ferocity of the war in Vietnam, to which hell they might have been drafted; the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King; the bombing of Cambodia; etc. Nevertheless, again and again, even among those whose marriages have not survived intact, the greatest happiness has been derived from loved ones. (The remarks presented below intentionally concentrate on other issues.) One submission which could not be reproduced (no home page) is Doug Swift's contribution: a sports card showing him in the Dolphin's uniform. Although all submissions were from men, one writer married a woman who spent her senior year here, and their child will enter the College a year from this fall (deferred entrance) as the first offspring both of whose parents attended Amherst. Comments in [...] brackets are my occasional explanations of possibly obscure references. Remarks from different individuals are separated by double asterisks. [Written in 1995.]