Getting ready to travel? Be sure to plan ahead!

Check out the topics below for more information about various types of international travel for visa-holding students. In this section, you'll also find information about how to request a graduation invitation letter for your family members' visitor visa application, as well as how to apply for a Massachusetts state ID card or driver's license. Have a travel question that isn't covered here? Contact us via email.

General Travel & Arrival Information for New Students

No doubt you are already busy getting ready for your journey to Amherst College! As you begin to make the necessary arrangements please be sure to review this important information regarding travel, arrival, and Pre-Orientation. You’ll also want to keep in mind some key dates and procedures.

Know Your Rights

Now more than ever, it is very important for you to understand the rights you have in the US as an international student.

While the content on this page should not be considered legal advice, it is intended to serve as guidance. For legal counsel, please reach out to the Center for International Student Engagement to connect you with an immigration attorney.

Important Terms You Should Know

Below you will find some common immigration-related terms and acronyms used on our website and elsewhere.

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with these terms and their definitions. And when in doubt, always feel free to email us.

Changing to a Non-Student Immigration Status

While the CISE cannot guide you through the process of changing to a non-student immigration status (such as H-1B, O-1, Permanent Residency) from F-1 or J-1 status, we can provide contact information for local immigration attorneys who can assist you with your questions.  

Our Mission

Working in collaboration with other resource centers and campus partners, the CISE aims to guide students as they learn about and question themselves, their environments, and how these interact in local and global contexts. In supporting international students, the CISE also assists in the navigation of immigration regulations related to study in the US, and maintains F-1 and J-1 visa holders’ immigration records.