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December 8, 2014

By Madeline Ruoff ’18


Liz Mutter ’15 and Morgan Brown ’15

For some Amherst students, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of choosing the same cereal, making the same salad or opting for the traditional dinner each day at the College’s Valentine Dining Hall. But Student Health Educators (SHEs) Morgan Brown ’15 and Liz Mutter ’15 are inspiring their classmates to approach eating at Val with more imagination.

A Ton of Watermelon: Book & Plow's First Harvest

Submitted on Tuesday, 9/24/2013, at 8:25 PM

by William Sweet

How local is locally-grown produce? At Amherst College it means you can barely break a sweat walking to where your salad came from.

This fall, the Book & Plow Farm began supplying Dining Services wth the fruits --and vegetables-- of its first harvest. 

Campus Farm Takes Root

Submitted on Wednesday, 2/27/2013, at 10:29 AM

February 26, 2013

Article by Caroline Hanna

Photos by Rob Mattson

Tobin Porter-Brown, left, and Peter McLean
stand on land they will cultivate as part of
Book & Plow Farm

Foodies take note: The farm-to-table movement has sprouted on the Amherst campus. And in the college’s case, farm-to-table equals about three-quarters of a mile. Literally.

Spiced-Up Val

Valentine’s head chef, Jeremy Roush, worked with others to plant an herb garden outside the dining hall last fall. During the growing season, he and his staff use a variety of the herbs in meals they create. Here are some of the herbs that grow in the garden and examples of Valentine specialties that make use of each.  

Roush's Cooking Has Mass Appeal

Paul Sorrentino, Director or Religious Life, and Executive Chef Jeremy Roush appeared in a January food segment of the television program Mass Appeal to promote the Jan. 16 benefit for the Amherst Survival Center, “Supper, Story and Song.” Sorrentino spoke about the Campus Challenge event, while Roush took the mystery out of buttermilk salad dressing and shared a recipe for olive focaccia bread and more.

Tally Me Banana

Here’s a weighty question: How many pounds of bananas does Valentine Dining Hall go through in a single year?
After the college posted that very question on its Facebook page, more than 40 people contributed guesses. Responses ranged from 1,500 pounds (not even close) to 47,000 pounds (very warm) to 100,000 pounds (way too many).

Five-Star Focaccia

By Emily Gold Boutilier

Attention, first-years: Right now you might be wondering how you’ll survive without home-cooked food. Fear not! We’re here to help, with menu recommendations from last year’s senior class. When the staff at Valentine Dining Hall asked the Class of 2010 last spring to submit requests for their favorite Val meals, 25 seniors requested 54 different menu items, most of which appeared on the menu in the weeks before graduation. Among the most asked-for items: