Did You Know? If every student, staff member and faculty member at Amherst recycled... JUST ONE MORE SHEET OF PAPER every day, recycling that paper back into new paper products instead of sending it to the landfill, it would reduce greenhouse gas pollution by 11 tons per year. That would offset enough gasoline to fill your car's tank 63 times.

Living Greener

Change a Light
The top three energy users in a typical college dorm room are...

Getting Around

BikesAmerica’s dependency on the car is one of the most significant influences on our carbon “footprint.” What can you do to reduce your transportation carbon footprint while getting to, from and around campus?
  • Walk!

Smart Energy Behaviors

DC Bicycle

The real exciting part of energy conservation is you. While learning about all the ways we have been working on reducing the ecological footprint of the College, you probably see how they might apply to your life as well--and without any shift in lifestyle.

Renewable Energy

Physical Plant PV

Physical Plant Solar Hot Water Installation

The Physical Plant Administration building derives all of its domestic hot water needs from solar panels mounted on the roof of the building.

Heating and Cooling Standards

Site Selection


Williston Hall

Williston 1
Williston Hall was originally built in 1858 as an academic building as well as the home of the College's arts collection.  The adaptive reuse renovation of Williston was completed in 2003.