Webster Hall

Webster 1
Webster Hall, originally built to house the Biology department, was converted in 1998 to house the departments of Russian, Asian Languages and Civilizations and Theater and Dance.  Much of the existing structure, finishes, ironwork, flooring and other aspects of the histor

Athletic Facilities

Athletic complex
The Athletic Complex underwent an extensive renovation in 1999. This adaptive reuse scheme succeeded despite a strong temptation to remove the antiquated facilities and build a new modern field house. The renovation includes the gymnasium itself, accompanying locker rooms and team room

Appleton Hall

Appleton Hall was converted in 1999 from an academic building into a first-year dormitory. Extensive renovations were required, including seismic upgrades to the building and the addition of an elevator. Much of the original structure was preserved, as was the orig

Advancement Precinct

AC Advancement

The adaptive reuse of three large residential buildings will result in the creation of the Advancement Precinct. Smith House currently houses part of the Advancement offices, but Scott House and Pontypool House will both undergo extensive adaptive reuse renovations to conve

Adaptive Reuse

Charles Pratt
The College embraces the concept of adaptive reuse of its facilities. That is, rather than building new, the first effort is always to find a means to preserve a facility and renovate it, so that it can continue to serve the College. In past years, this strategy was driven primarily by concerns for preserving the College’s