Top Guns

By Katherine Duke '05


The students in the Interterm course “An Introduction to the Principles, Practices, and Procedures of Turbine Flight” sat in a darkened room in Merrill, taking turns on a joystick and mouse, being pilot and co-pilot on Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX). Projected onto a screen at the front of the room were the switches, dials and lights of a Boeing 737 flight deck and a simulated view of the trees, buildings and waters around the BeefIslandAirport in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Rain was lashing the plane’s windshield, lightning crackled in the distance, and the students were about to undertake a perilous mission.

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Body Language

Submitted by Katherine D. Duke

The students in Webster Studio 1 are learning to talk and walk. That is, we’re learning to talk about how we move, and then to walk in new and unaccustomed ways. As Missy Vineyard teaches us in her Interterm course on the Alexander Technique, this is trickier than it sounds. It challenges everything we think we know about the connections between mind and body, words and actions, old habits and new awareness.

Home-Building 202

Submitted by Ricardo A. Bilton

During Interterm each year, Amherst College offers Homebuilding 202, a hands-on course where students learn the basics of bulding as well as the fundamentals of architecture. Learning takes place both on-site and in the classroom, with lessons being given on subjects like the concept of the "green home" and the benefits of providing low-cost housing.

More information on the 2009 course will be provided as it becomes available.

Pictures of the 2006 course, taken by Samuel Masinter, can be seen here .