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Submitted on Saturday, 10/3/2015, at 5:33 PM

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GA Mains Organ

My fellow staffers of the GA Mains organ at the NHSMUN conference.

Chinese Amherst Students Hit Rio+20 with Big Plans for Environmental Change

Submitted on Thursday, 6/14/2012, at 3:32 PM
Three students originally from China, who met on the Amherst College campus and became united in their concern for the environment, hope to make waves over the next couple of weeks in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, at the Rio+20 Earth Summit, a major United Nations conference attended by many countries’ political leaders.

Meeting John Bolton

U.N. General Assembly President Jan Kavan To Speak at Amherst College April 16

AIDS Activist Stephen Lewis To Speak at Amherst College Apr. 19