Garden Club

Submitted by David S. Emmerman

Amherst Garden Club has now been around for three years, and always expanding. Located behind the Zu (Humphries House) we have 9 large outdoor garden boxes and a newly constructed greenhouse that houses four indoor beds. We grow a variety of vegetables, experiment with fall and winter crops, and give students a space to grow whatever vegetables, fruits and flowers they like.

Campus Farm Takes Root

Submitted on Wednesday, 2/27/2013, at 10:29 AM

February 26, 2013

Article by Caroline Hanna

Photos by Rob Mattson

Tobin Porter-Brown, left, and Peter McLean
stand on land they will cultivate as part of
Book & Plow Farm

Foodies take note: The farm-to-table movement has sprouted on the Amherst campus. And in the college’s case, farm-to-table equals about three-quarters of a mile. Literally.


Amherst College is a “Local Hero” With Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

February 21, 2006 Director of Media Relations 413/542-8417 AMHERST, Mass.—Amherst College has joined the “Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown”™ program of Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA), a South Deerfield-based non-profit organization of farmers, consumers and professionals working together to sustain agriculture and preserve the unique rural character of communities in western Massachusetts through the purchase of local farm products. Amherst is the second college to join the campaign.