Environmental Impacts of the Industry

Submitted by Alisa Bajramovic

Facts About Coal

  • It's a fossil fuel that, when burned, generates electricity
  • Burning coal releases carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury compounds, and nitrogen oxides into the air
  • Over 7500 people in the US die every year due to power plant emissions
  • 1/3 of CO2 emissions come from coal burning


Health Risks Associated with Coal

The Rise of the Oceans

By Eric Goldscheider

Photos courtesy Andrea Dutton ’95

[Climate change] Thanks to records derived from ice core samples, geoscientists can identify, with considerable accuracy, the average temperatures at the Earth’s poles over the past 400,000 years. We know less about how those temperatures correlate to the rise and fall of global sea level. That is where researchers such as Andrea Dutton ’95 come in.

More from Harvey Sheldon on Climate Change

 Harvey sent me the PDF file below shedding more light on the Climate Change debate. Click on the little red icon:


Non-Governmental Panel on Climate Change

This 2008 Report summarizes the work of qualified scientists who went through the U.N. IPCC data and other peer reviewed material. The body of their work is 800 pages in length. Their conclusion is that man has only an insignificant influence on Earth's climate.