Community College Students Transfer to Amherst

A September article in U.S. News & World Report outlines strategies to save on college costs, including the suggestion that cash-strapped students consider a community college for the first couple years. The author cites Amherst’s transfer rate, noting that roughly two thirds of transfer students accepted at Amherst come from community colleges.

Videos: Transferring to Amherst from a Community College

Since partnering with the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation in 2006, Amherst has become a national leader among highly selective colleges in offering exceptional academic and scholarship options to community college students. To learn more about the transfer experience, watch these videos of community college transfer students reflecting on their transition to Amherst.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Joins Amherst and Mount Holyoke Colleges to Increase Access for Community College Students

March 6, 2006Media Contact: Dr. Pete Mackey Director of Public Affairs Office: (703) 723-8000, ext. 215 Cell: (443) 995-3495 Local Contacts: Amherst College (413) 542-8417;Kevin McCaffrey, Mount Holyoke College, (413) 538-2987