How to create an article

You can only create new content on pages where you have permissions to do so. If you have such permissions, you'll see a yellow toolbar at the top of the page with Contents and Settings tabs.

To create a new article on a page, click Add on the Contents tab. In the menu that appears, choose Article. This creates a new article which, much like a blog entry, will appear at the top of the that page.

You must enter a title in the Title field.


How to change your password

  1. Click on the Tools menu located on the top right corner of every page of the Amherst website.
  2. Click Change/Manage Password.
  3. Follow the directions on the page.

Intro to Creating and Editing Content on the Amherst Website

This is the outline for the introductory CMS training session offered by Desktop Computing Services. Check IT Events on the IT Events Calendar for current training schedule. If no CMS training is scheduled, please contact Bob Ryan at x2642.

Why a CMS-based Amherst Website?

  • Anyone can publish and edit content
  • Consistent look and navigation
  • Separation of content from presentation

The website is a hierarchy of pages

How to set page permissions

For a detailed explanation about how permissions work on the website see All About Permissions.

To change the permissions on a page, go to the page and click on the Settings tab at top.  If you don't have a Settings tab, then you don't have sufficient permission to change permissions.

On the Settings page there will be a Permissions section.