How to edit right-hand column content

There are a number of edit buttons in a right-hand column for editing.  Clicking the Edit link at the top brings you to the page itself, while the Edit buttons at the top and bottom of column content allow you to edit the content just like they do on a regular page.



How to hide and unhide pages

By default, any page that you create will be visible in the left-hand navigation present throughout the entire Amherst website.  To hide a page, click the Settings tab on the top of the page you want to hide, click on Menu and layout, and check the box Don't show this page in the menu. Likewise, uncheck this box to unhide the page.


How to make a link

Select the text that you would like to become your link.

Then, click the Insert/edit link button in the editor toolbar.

A dialog will pop up. In the Link URL field, paste or type the link of the page that you would like to link to. Then click Insert.


How to create a new subsection

By default, whenever you create a sub-page, it will add that page below its parent page in the left-hand column navigation.  By creating a new sub-section, a page will be placed at the top of the left-hand navigation and any sub-pages will appear below it.  If a page has many sub-pages, then it may be a good idea to give it its own sub-section as it would otherwise clutter the left hand navigation.


How to create a new page

Submitted on Monday, 6/10/2013, at 2:08 PM

Click the Settings tab in the toolbar.  Click Add sub-page.  Enter a page name and click Create sub-page.

To add a sub-page, click Add sub-page, create a page name and URL name, and finally Create sub-pag

You will be taken to the newly created page, which will not have any content. To add an article, follow the directions here.


How to insert a picture or other file into an article

  1. Upload the file either by attaching it to an article or using the Contents tab on a page then Add > File Upload.
  2. In the Body text edit area, place your cursor in your article where you want the image or file to go.

How to suppress right-hand column content

A right-hand column page appears on its parent page and all of its parent's sub-pages.  To suppress the column on a page, simply create an empty column sub-page.  This will suppress the column for the parent page and all of its sub-pages as well.

Follow the directions for creating a sub-page and making it a column if you do not know how to do so.


How to make a page a right-hand column

Click the Settings tab.  In the Menu and layout section, under Location on screen, check the box Text for right column. Click Save settings.


How to disable comments

  1. When you are creating or editing an article, scroll down and click Comment settings.
  2. Set Who can add comments to Disabled.

  3. Click Save.

How to change the picture below the left-hand menu

Note: This process is recommended for advanced users only!