Boston Globe: Another Change Taking Place at Walden Pond

Visiting environmental studies professor Bethany Bradley was an expert source for this piece on non-native plant species invading the area around the body of water made famous by Henry David Thoreau.

Boston Globe: Big nonprofits predict 9% drop in donations

The college’s fundraising successes were mentioned in this article about philanthropy in the downturn.

The humanities professor who hunts

The Boston Globe’s Brainiac blog as well as The Chronicle of Higher Education (registration required) featured American Studies professor Jan Dizard and his love of hunting.

Boston Globe: Playing by the Rules

English professor William H. Pritchard reviewed Nicholas Baker’s latest book The Anthologist in this Globe piece.

Boston Globe: 10 top campus art museums

Amherst’s Mead Art Museum was recognized by the newspaper as one of New England’s “great college art collections.” 

Boston Globe: Campus tours thriving

Amherst’s Dean of Admission Tom Parker discussed the surge in campus visitors participating in tours in this article.

Amherst-Williams 1859 Baseball Game Re-Enacted

The sesquicentennial of the first intercollegiate baseball game, between rivals Amherst and Williams in 1859, saw a historically accurate re-enactment played out in Pittsfield, Mass., last month. The quirky game and accompanying chess match were covered by the The Boston Globe and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Boston Globe: Constant Comment

William H. Pritchard, Henry Clay Folger Professor of English, penned this column on a the book Words in Air: The Complete Correspondence Between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell.

Boston Globe: At colleges, a new freshman rush

Amherst’s Allen Hart was quoted in this article about orientations for first-year students.

Many more ask colleges for aid

"We have made it a priority to reach out to students who are bright but don't have the resources," said Joe Paul Case, Amherst's director of financial aid, in this Boston Globe article about the impact of the credit crunch on today's undergraduates.