Our Mission

Working in collaboration with other resource centers and campus partners, the CISE aims to guide students as they learn about and question themselves, their environments, and how these interact in local and global contexts. In supporting international students, the CISE also assists in the navigation of immigration regulations related to study in the US, and maintains F-1 and J-1 visa holders’ immigration records.

International Student Employment - Questions & Answers

Am I eligible to work at Amherst College?

F-1 Visa holders are eligible to work at any position on campus. You are NOT eligible to work at off-campus federal work-study sites (examples: Reader to Reader, Inc. or the Jones Library). Consult the International Student Office about the possibility of working at one of the other Five Colleges.

How do I find a job?

“Many Different Kinds of Strangeness”

By Katherine Duke '05

Photo by Jessica Mestre '10

Have Americans ever struck you as strange? Have you ever wondered about Americans’ obsession with sports like NASCAR, “football” or baseball? Did you grow up without American TV shows? Do you find it strange how Americans are constantly interrupting one another? Or asking “How are you?” and not waiting for an answer?