IT for New Students

Coming to Amherst is an exciting prospect, but it's also often a confusing and stressful time. On this page we have compiled some information that should make technology-related decisions easier for you before you get to campus. Please pay special attention to our FAQ for new students, which answers the most commonly asked questions about using technology on campus.

Transfer Students

Welcome! In the left column, find links to your Class Facebook, your Class News, a list of your Classmates, and the Transfer Student Blog.You also have a set of personal pages on Amherst's site:

Transfer students and a semester abroad

Amherst students who have spent time at another institution prior to attending Amherst must review credit transfer and residency requirements.  Amherst students are required to take a minimum of four semesters in full time study in residence at the college. Transfer students who enter with four semesters of credit toward their Amherst degree are not permitted to transfer in additional credit, as per policy the Amherst College catalog Section IV: Degree Requirement (p70).

Community College Students Transfer to Amherst

A September article in U.S. News & World Report outlines strategies to save on college costs, including the suggestion that cash-strapped students consider a community college for the first couple years. The author cites Amherst’s transfer rate, noting that roughly two thirds of transfer students accepted at Amherst come from community colleges.

Introducing... This Year’s New Students

Submitted on Wednesday, 8/31/2011, at 6:01 PM

They include two former presidents of their high schools’ Young Republicans clubs, two licensed pilots, a grand champion pig raiser, a Carnegie Hall performer, a national ballroom dancing champion and the manager of a rap artist.

They are adoptees, immigrants and orphans; Muslims, Quakers and atheists; vegans and vegetarians, among many, many other things.

Their names include Joy, Courage, Destiny and Liberty.

And they are all now, officially, Amherst College undergraduates.

Videos: Transferring to Amherst from a Community College

Since partnering with the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation in 2006, Amherst has become a national leader among highly selective colleges in offering exceptional academic and scholarship options to community college students. To learn more about the transfer experience, watch these videos of community college transfer students reflecting on their transition to Amherst.

What are you doing this summer?

Transfer Student's Summer Conundrum By: Anna Kelley

Calendar and Deadlines- Transfer Applicants

Application and Financial Aid Deadlines

Transfer applications for Spring 2014 transfer must be received at Admission Office.

CSS Financial Aid PROFILE must be received for all Spring 2014 transfer financial aid applicants.

Parents' and student's 2012 federal tax return(s) and wage statement(s) must be received for all Spring 2013 transfer financial aid applicants.

Apply Online for Transfer Admission

Transfer Registrar Report  If you are experiencing difficulties submitting the online Transfer Registrar Report through the Common Application site, we recommend that you submit a paper version of the form.  For helpful advice, please review the instructions in our Transfer Registrar Report Information Sheet.