EXPO-losion: A Performance of Culture and Style

December 4, 2014

By Rob Mattson

EXPO-losion: A Performance of Culture and Style.JPG See a Flickr set of photos from EXPO-losion.

If our motto, Terras Irradient, were inverted, the world would bring its light to students, right here at Amherst College. On Nov. 15, that's exactly what happend. EXPO-losion, held at the Powerhouse, was hosted by the African & Caribbean Students' Union and sought to creatively convey the diversity, culture and flavor of Amherst College through song, dance, spoken word and cuisine. Proceeds benefitted Charity: Water, a campaign to bring clean drinking water to developing countries.

The Amherst College Seal

November 19, 2009

The official Amherst College seal has changed. This new seal is a refined version of the seal used in 1949.

In the new seal, the serif font has been changed to Trajan, matching the font currently used in the college wordmark. The year of charter has been flipped to read directly from left to right. The motto, “Terras Irradient,” is now a sans serif font, and has been repositioned between the sunburst and the book illustrations. The stroke weights of the circular rules have been minimized and differentiated.