Nancy Cartwright Will Speak on "The Myth of Universalism" Nov. 1 at Amherst College

Freeman Dyson Will Speak on “Technology and Social Justice” Oct. 25

October 10, 2001 Director of Media Relations

Philosopher Simon Blackburn To Speak at Amherst College March 27

Philosopher Thomas Nagel To Speak at Amherst College April 3

March 13, 2003Director of Media Relations413/542-8417AMHERST, Mass.- Thomas Nagel, professor of philosophy and law at the New York University School of Law, will speak on "Moral Realism and Moral Objectivity" on Thursday, April 3, at 4:30 p.m. in the Cole Assembly Room. This talk, sponsored by the Department of Philosophy at Amherst College and the Forry Fund in Philosophy and Science as part of a series on "Objectivity in Science and Ethics," will be free and open to the public.