Carbon Inventory

Amherst College began a detailed historic inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in June 2007. Conor McDowell (‘09) conducted the study using Clean Air – Cool Planet's GHG Emissions Inventory Calculator and was advised by Energy Manager Todd Holland and Professor Whitey Hagadorn. Preliminary data shows results similar to those at other area residential colleges — that electricity consumption and fuel burned on-site for heat comprises over 90% of the GHG emissions.

The Most Trusted Canadian

Non-Governmental Panel on Climate Change

This 2008 Report summarizes the work of qualified scientists who went through the U.N. IPCC data and other peer reviewed material. The body of their work is 800 pages in length. Their conclusion is that man has only an insignificant influence on Earth's climate.

Prof. Lindzen on Global Climate Models

A key article for understanding the worthlessness of global climate models.

2009 February Colloquium on the Environment

Containing Carbon: Markets, Morals and Mobilization